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Can you believe that that a software seemingly as simple as SketchUp could be used in an area as complex and technically advanced as drilling for oil? Yet the challenge has been successfully met by John Lang in the project he shares with you in the book « Créer avec SketchUp » where SketchUp is used for conceptual visualization of oil exploration.

Clic on the picture below to display an excerpt of John Lang’s case study published in the book


Here is the interview I conducted with him :

What did you get from your participation in this book ?

The projects in this book, together with excellent examples in 3D warehouse demonstrate that Google once again has selected the best in class product, and made it available to everyone.

Google SketchUp is a « disruptive technology » in the CAD (Computer Aided Design) world, enabling a new generation of modelers to place virtual 3D objects in a virtual world. Please see my talk to the Professional Petroleum Data Management Conference for more information.

This book led to a Spatial Science Institute ‘Google Our Future School’ project where I mentored 50 (8 to 11 year old) students to create a virtual school using Google SketchUp and Sketchy Physics, proving that primary school children can use SketchUp.

What are the changes that SketchUp brought to your workflow ?

I now use SketchUp with Google Earth to conceptualize ideas and infrastructure projects at a very early stage, using workflows that includes the export of GIS data with hyperlinks to critical project information. This enables enables rapid sharing of the 3D model with project information.

SketchyPhysicsBargeDropRocksSketchy Physics is now a regular part of my modeling, enabling simple movement such as a rotating drill bit or complex issues such as a barge dumping rock to bury a subsea pipeline.

What other tip(s) can you give that is / are missing in your case study in the book ?

The use of Outliner to control the groups, components and Visibility in the model.

Is there anything else you would like to say about SketchUp, the book or your work ?

The use of SketchUp is only limited by your or your children/students imagination. Well done Google.

John Lang’s company website

  • Monitor Energy Ltd


This article is part of the presentation of the authors of the joint book « Créer avec SketchUp – 16 projets, de l’architecture au théâtre » published in French.

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