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This article is part of the presentation of the authors of the joint book « Créer avec SketchUp – 16 projets, de l’architecture au théâtre » published in French.

Clic on the picture below to display an excerpt of Tim Killen’s case study published in the book

Extrait de l'étude de Tim Killen dans le livre "Créer avec SketchUp"

After retiring from a 36-year career in the engineering and construction industry around the world, Tim Killen has pursued a life-long interest in woodworking. He is particularly interested in reproducing 18th Century museum pieces of furniture.

In his study, Tim present the design of a mahogany bookcase from some general views and dimensions found in a book. That’s all it takes Tim to produce a complete 3D model in SketchUp with constructing details and produce the scale drawings necessary to reproduce this piece of furniture in the workshop !

Here is the interview I conducted with him :

What did you get from your participation in this book ?

It had been quite a long time since I had originally created the Mahogany piece. I remember struggling quite a bit on the SketchUp modeling of the cornice. While re-working the modeling for this book, I realized how much easier it was with more experience with SketchUp.

What are the changes that SketchUp brought to your workflow ?

My work in the shop is much more productive since I am not slowed down while figuring out a specific detail or dimension. The details are now available in SketchUp. If something is missing, I go to SketchUp to sort it out and print another scene.

What other tip(s) can you give that is / are missing in your case study in the book ?

Once you have the 3D model, there is a very effective by-product for furniture builders – full-size templates for marking out lumber in the woodworking shop. Having easy access to these templates has improved and speeded-up my construction of parts. In furniture, there are many complex shapes and joints. These full-size templates remove the complexity by easily and accurately defining the location of cuts and other details.

Is there anything else you would like to say about SketchUp, the book or your work ?

SketchUp has given me the confidence to build more complex pieces than otherwise possible. By working through the model, I gain a comprehensive understanding of how things are assembled. Any enigmas and secrets are exposed such that the construction is now possible.

Tim Killen’s website and blog

Here are examples of other finely detailed woodwork SketchUp models from Tim Killen :

Williamsburg Tea Table_1
Tea Table SU Model
Breakfast 1
American Highboy
Windsor SketchUp Modelsl
Pennsylvania Fanback_1
Philadelphia Comb back_1
Bowback Windsors_1

Maloof Rocker_1


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